Consignment Terms

Consignment Guidelines


We take freshly laundered, fully functioning outdoor clothing and gear only.

We reserve the right to price your item based on the item, age, brand, condition and our experience. As well as adjusting the sales price at any point.

Item(s) should be things that you find at specialty outdoor stores like REI, Hoigaards, or Cabela’s. We can not consign anything that we can’t price over $10.00, you have the option to donate the item.

We do our best to fully inspect the items when you are in the store. If during the inventory process we notice that the item is not clean, stained or has a tear, missing button, etc, we will not contact you to pick it up, we will do with it as we see fit.  If we decide to mend/wash the item it belongs to Repair Lair, used as patch material or donated.

Sales Price

Your Cut

Under $100


$100 and up




If your items don’t sell within 6 months or if there is a seasonal change between winter and summer or vice versa we will use your items for repairs or donate them to a non-profit. You have the right to pick up your items at any time before these conditions are met.