Consignment: FAQ

What brands are  you looking for?

The same brands that you’ll find at REI, Hoigaard’s, Cabela’s or any other specialty outdoor store. And if you’re not sure, stop by and visit the shop and peruse the racks to see what we have.

Need more specifics? Go to and type in the brand name of the item in question. 

Make sure your clothing is recently washed and free of pet hair and funny smells. Tents and backpacks should be in good working order, if they need minor repairs, please let us know.

Basically, when you drop your stuff off it should be in the kind of condition in which you would want to buy it. If we are unable to sell your item because it needs repair or cleaning we will not call you to pick it up. We will either cut it up to repair something else or donate it to one of the charities in town.



How do I get paid?

We will mail you a check! But you need to email/call/visit us and ask us to.

What’s my cut?

Sales Price

Your Cut

Under $100


$100 and up


What If I have things that you won’t take ?

If you have well loved items that aren’t up to the resale standards we still urge you to keep them out of the landfills, maybe we can it in the repair department.

What If My Things Don’t Sell?

If your items don’t sell within 6 months or if there is a seasonal change between winter and summer or vice versa we will use your items for repairs or donate them to a non-profit. You have the right to pick up your items at any time before these conditions are met.

Winter to summer change usually happens around mid-April/mid-May.

Summer to winter happens around mid-August/mid-September.